Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Peaceful mayhem
In absolute serenity I am broken
Escaping into the world of make believe
Away from the stark truth I perceive

Psychedelic beats
Losing myself in the rhythm
Falling into a trance
Breaking into an involuntary dance

Strobe lights
Messing my head
Speakers belting out nonsensical words aloud
All alone in this frenzied crowd

Eyes searching
Inhaling a cocktail of sweat and smoke 
Intoxicated strangers convulsing all around
My Body, the Restless soul's wraparound

Garb's dirty
Time to change
Entering the dark tunnel towards the light
To walk out again in a raiment new and bright

Myriad Ramblings

© 2013; Aakaash Sehgal: