Monday, November 18, 2013

Blessed art thou; Blessed am I

Neither tied nor in chains
What’s the pull towards you, I ponder
A thousand languages love speaks
Each word said
Still lost in translation

When the first light dawns
Making love to the morning sky
The heavens blush
As do I
Reminiscing our first kiss

The breeze blowing across
Embracing the trees
The leaves quiver whilst some choose to ride the wind
And I inhale deep
Taking in your essence from the flowing breeze

Clouds dark and the sky is overcast
Funeral procession of the souls lost
Thunder, lightning and rain - the heavens cry
Drenched completely
My tears commix with the ones from the wild blue yonder

The setting sun - beyond the horizon into the sea
To submerge and disappear into the ocean’s womb
The moon and the stars throng the sky searching
Lights out
Lost in love, I wander into the night

Looking everywhere for my love
A thousand stars speaking a thousand languages
Is reality a dream or am I lost in a dream
And if reality isn't you
I'd rather sleep on till eternity

Unrequited, my soul is consumed
Searching for my lover, my soul mate
It won't ever be found without
As my lover
I realize is forever within

Blessed art thou
Blessed art thee who hath thy love
Blessed am I
Blessed am I
For thou art in me, all along



Myriad Ramblings

© 2013; Aakaash Sehgal: