Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ashoka's Atonement

The Battlefield of Kalinga
The Battlefield of Kalinga                           (Image Source: Business Week)

Based on my beliefs I took up a fight
from your perspective you too were right,
I led into battle - my forces abound
Heavily outnumbered,  until your last breath, you held your ground

I celebrate and on the battlefield of Kalinga I walk
taken aback, sad, overwhelmed, consumed by shock,
Innumerable deaths - reasons aren't enough to justify
no cause is served by this colossal sacrifice

Is this justice, injustice, rout or gallantry
what is defeat if this is a victory,
And now that all is said and done
I contemplate and ponder if I really won

With blurry eyes, in vain, I atone
Kneeling next to a valiant knight's tombstone,
In Peace, love and harmony I believe
I shall spread the word and serve till I live.
Spread of Buddhism   (Image Source: http://www.buddhistedu.org)


  1. Aakaash,How true, war is not the answer to prove ur might.Loved your poem. Proud of u.

  2. You have very candidly explained the convictions and perceptions of Ashoka
    Wish you continued wisdom for future endeavours.
    In your poems I find diversity of themes.
    God bless you.

  3. Really a good one Bro! Truly enlightening! :-)



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