Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A day in the Life of a Clown

The children were laughing and giggling and the clown with his colourful attire, red nose, white cheeks and long colourful locks sneaking out of his cap, was up to his antics. All he was seeing was the children and all he could hear was their laughter. The children were his inspiration. Making them laugh brought happiness to him. More than the children needing him, he needed them.

After the party was over Jake went back home and sat down in front of the mirror to take off his make up. The smile on his face replaced by gloominess. A sudden rush of emotions flooded him and he started crying for no perceivable reason. The tears rolling down his cheeks; his face contorted. The make up on his face was smudged by his hands which, as if having a life of their own, had gone to wipe the tears away. A guttural and almost broken cry escaping his throat. The irony of a clown crying - the saddest oxymoron.
Jake barely made it to the table next to his bed. He took the anti-depressant pills. His head was spinning and he was reaching for the Glock he kept in the dresser. Then he saw the photograph on the top of the dresser - the smiling face of Betty and Ashley. It had been over five years since they were killed during a break-in at the Convenience Store where Betty worked. Jake could never forget that evening. It was Ashley's eighth birthday and he had a surprise planned for her back home with all the clowns from his troupe putting on a show for her. Jake and Ashley were sitting in the car waiting to pick up Betty; Ashley got out of the car and sauntered into the store to get her mother out quickly. Jake started to put on his clown nose to surprise Ashley and while he was putting it on, unnoticed by him two drunk teenagers got into the store. They panicked while taking the money and shot both Betty and Ashley. On hearing the shots Jake ran into the store - but by the time help arrived it was too late.

In a few minutes his head stopped spinning, his breathing was relaxed and his heart was not racing any more  He fell off to sleep on the floor next to the dresser with the Glock in his hand and his smudged make up still on.

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep. The alarm went off at 7 am in the morning. Jake woke up with a startle and rushed to get ready. He had a show at 10 am and he had just an hour to beat the traffic.


  1. Liked the way the story unfolded. I was waiting to know what will happen next.



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