Sunday, May 12, 2013


Tonight I'll suckle
frightened of death
afraid of the darkness
secure near the breast

Tonight I am afraid
for I saw death
a man in a bloody pool
returning I was from school

Tonight I'll caress
death is such a mess
she gives me the pleasure
my youth fails to measure

Tonight I am free
death can't catch me
wings to fly around
in college fun and frolic abound

Tonight I am high
death tastes so sweet
drugs in my veins
ruling my brain

Tonight I smile
dead are the drugs
that had ruled my brain
and had captured my veins

Tonight I am alone
even death doesn't want me
deserted by friends
cruelty the world lends

Tonight I'll celebrate
the roads are when dead
nobody to care
none to interfere

Tonight I'll dance
to the music of death
when the world is sleeping
some beds maybe creaking

Tonight I'll weep
in the shadows of death
when the innocent sleeps
and awake are the creeps

Tonight I am locked up
away from death
severe mental pain
I am insane

Tonight I am happy
death shall kiss me
in this world so sane
only the insane are sane

Tonight I die
death and I are one
to end my beginning
to begin for me a new end

Tomorrow morning
I'll suckle again

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