Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Greatest Evil

The greatest good is the greatest evil. It is the basic law of physics - every thing existing has an opposite to it; the proverbial other side of the coin.

The greatest good is love for it brings out the best in us - as god's intended creation; but when love goes wrong it has the ability to bring out the worst in us - the devil's virus in the code.

If God is the creator of everything then the Devil is nothing but God's alter ego.

The whole universe is governed by love. Now this love can be what a man feels for a woman or a man for man or a woman for a woman. It is what parents feel for a child and vice-versa. It is an emotion that can be felt for inanimate objects and also for non tangible things.

Love is the basal denominator for all human feelings. All other emotions and feelings are but an extension or variant of love with varying degrees. Someone has said that hate too is misdirected love.

There is no exact definition for love and no two people experiencing the emotion feel exactly the same. It is different for everyone but still the same. The commonality is that when we love someone or something - we want it; the intensity may differ.

Love is so strange an emotion that sometimes it becomes the reason to live life, sometimes to leave life and at times to take a life.

When love is misdirected, when it is felt too strongly or felt less than expected it has a tendency to turn evil. When one feels and the other doesn't; when blind Love is felt for power, for money, for fame it turns evil. When love starts smothering the partner - it turns evil. And Love gone overboard has the power to start driving you to do things which are not right. 

The emotion is so strong that it can turn a Priest into a murderer, a Social worker into a corrupt politician, a gifted doctor into a money making machine, a loving person into a person filled with hate - a person full of life into a suicidal person.

The greatest good turns evil when we turn narcissists - when we start loving ourselves more than anything else and want a person in our life because it makes us happy, notwithstanding what the person feels or what is right; when we want power, position, fame, money et al at any cost because it makes us satiated.

Love for power, position, fame, money etc needs to be toned down to levels where we control the outcome instead of the deep seeded emotion driving us.

Love is not for us to take but for us to give. 

If we expect and demand reciprocation, that is if we try to take love it shall always end up hurting us - pushing us towards evil. True love is all about giving and doing what is right for the person we love, irrespective of what we want. True love is in walking away if need be.

All said and done, none of us are saints and even God has an alter ego.

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