Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quenched Thirst

Now that all is said and done
and there is nothing more to come
When the truth is known
the storm wreaks havoc and the candle's blown
Pitch darkness, nothings whole
but there's light in the soul

Walking alone on the winding trail
hands are cold, face is pale
Glance aside to give a smile
there's no one around for at least a mile
Tears down the cheek roll
there's a restlessness in the soul

Time is the best healer they said
ask the man who's lost his leg
Powerless in front of our destiny
but as happy as a lark - for the world to see
Insides burning like hot coal
there's still hope in the soul

What is lost shall be found
the feeling is strong and profound
Wait for a few lifetimes
when the sun in the new era shines
Bodies changed universes traversed
no more unrequited - the soul has quenched its thirst

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