Friday, May 17, 2013

Infinite Realities

All of us live in a world of our own and tend to see what we want to see. My absolute reality is very different from yours and from everyone else. No two people see the same universe.

A majority of us spend our whole lives within a limited radius, be it mental, social or geographical - that is our whole universe and thus reality becomes subjective to the definition and limitations of the person experiencing it.

In a given situation, we end up defining our realities in black and white, not understanding that there are so many shades of grey too - even more so not comprehending that black and white is nothing but a function of all colours coming together - in one case the colours are being absorbed and in the other they are being reflected. The colour; the reality we are subconsciously always seeking is there - we just need to look for it.

But as a whole there does exist a cosmic consciousness and if we tap into it - moving away from the black and white paradigm; there is a plethora of colours; many of which we haven't ever seen before and we vivify painting of infinite realities on the universe's canvas.

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  1. Very well and candid short presentation. For identifying the reality one has to make conscious effort but most want to stay under illusion since it suits and comforting.The writer deserves Compliments for this piece aptly and concisely written



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