Friday, May 3, 2013

Break Free and Smile

And for he wanted to break free and smile - he broke free and smiled.

If you really want something in life you need to work towards it - you need to believe in yourself. However difficult the task, however high the mountain, if you don't take the first step you would never reach the pinnacle.

Most of the limitations towards achieving what we want to, lie within us - these are then projected outwards in the physical realm for us to experience. The power of your belief, of mind over matter, is phenomenal. Remember one thing - you may not see the silver lining in all the clouds but then no cloud stays forever. There is a way in between the darkest of clouds; change your vantage point and you'd see the blue azure sky.

There might be times when you feel there is nothing more you can do; that you are trapped in complete darkness. Complete darkness is a myth, because if we open the right doors we would always let light through. Even the black hole sucks everything in, including light - then wouldn't if be brighter than the brightest sun within.

I know, you have taken the step, you are moving forward and then you find yourself stuck. It is important to take a step back. In fact it takes real courage and strength to take a step backward. Time to time it is imperative in life to step out and look at it as an outsider. You may or may not figure out the big picture, but you'd know where you stand and where to move on to.

Once we identify our mental limitations and work on them, there is no stopping us.

It's time to break free and smile.

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