Sunday, April 7, 2013

Soap Bubble Universe

Life isn't fair, he said. And I believed him because I had no other opinion of the life we were trying to live. Where the poor doesn't have a morsel to eat and the rich have their dogs to feed. Where criminals live free from fear and the law abiding are whipped and caned.

In spite of being in the same universe, every living being is happy in his own perception of the world around him - we have our own umwelts in which we exist. Interaction with umwelten and the real world reshapes and remodels our own universe - but we never do see the stark reality as it exists in its entirety. We do see bits and pieces of it but choose to ignore because we don't really want to upset our own equilibrium or because we don't have the right critical mass to even try.

Love is bull crap, he said. And I believed him because I had seen love bring suffering to a lot of kindred souls. Either you love too much or too less and both hurt. It was love for you and disillusionment for the other - hormones for you but emotions for the other. Love for both, but just not meant to be.

The notion of love is so overrated that I guess that most of us are in love with the idea of being in love. We mistake friendship for love, lust for love, companionship for love - but when love really faces us we are so terrified of the idea that we run away from it. Love is complete surrender; it need not be reciprocated, it may not be understood - it is for you to just give.

God is a figment of imagination, he said. And I believed him because I haven't seen God doing anything for his creation; if at all it is his. Still borns - what sins have they committed? Earthquakes, Tsunami, Plagues; even a monster protects his own. Maybe we were never his to start of with.

I haven't seen God. Have you? It is a blind faith - for whatever cannot be explained. Our Universe is but like a soap bubble blown by a child who is himself in a soap bubble universe blown by another child in another soap bubble universe and so on and on. A day for the boy is a millennium for us. And he is spewing out universes after universes. This bubble is going with the wind, just waiting to burst.

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