Monday, April 8, 2013

I met God

I met God.

He was nothing like what I had thought. No, he was not old, he didn't have a flowing beard or a robe. He didn't wear jewellery or a crown. No halo around him - he was just another man on the street.

I actually bumped into him while I turned a corner spilling his hot coffee on the pavement, he apologised, I cussed and we were on our own ways. Last month, while approaching a crossing in my car I saw the same man wanting to cross the road - I floored the pedal and he jumped back. I cussed again not even bothering to look in the rear-view mirror completely focused on the free-way embracing the horizon.

I started seeing him everyday and the situations were such that I cussed but he always smiled and walked on.

I had so much strain - strain to earn more, strain to live better, strain for the lack of time - there was so much to do with my existence and life was too short. I wanted to be president of my company, needed to send my kids to Ivy League and wanted to travel the world with my spouse. I had no time for losers who didn't have the ambition or the aggressiveness to stand up to the world. Smiling at me while I cussed him - an escapists way out.

As much as I did, it wasn't ever enough - the more I achieved the more I wanted. From fan to cooler to AC; from bicycle to bike to a luxury car; from an apartment to a house to a mansion. The wants keep growing - the expectations the world has from me also keep growing. My goals - ever changing. More, more and much more.

I was walking back from office and I was caught in a sudden downpour - he was there, standing below a canopy. Ever so smiling, he opened an umbrella and offered to walk me to my car. No words were exchanged, save for a thank you which escaped as a bare whisper from my lips. Before I realised that I should offer to drop him somewhere  he had already walked away - and I didn't even know his name.

As always, I saw him the next day and walked up to him. We got talking and he told me that as happy as he seemed, he was breaking up inside as his children weren't turning out the way he had expected them to. He had given them the best of everything and most of all he had given them free choice and the choices they were making weren't something he could come to terms with. He was willing to guide them but they had stopped believing in him.

Dharam went on to tell me that all of us have a freedom of choice - what to do with our life, how to live it. Life in itself isn't unfair - it has given us the best of everything. Our choices however define what we make out of it. Happiness should be the top priority and being Selfish, but not inconsiderate, might just be the best attribute towards one's own happiness . Only if one is happy and contented can he do good to others; possibly only then the right choices can be made. Dharam told me that God doesn't grant wishes or miracles to those who believe - he just shows them the way towards attainment. We need to do our part of walking towards it.

I was so mesmerised with our dialogue that I didn't even realise how time had crept up on me until I was rudely zapped out of the trance with my phone's reminder going off. I got up, a bit abruptly to leave; Dharam put a hand on my shoulder and asked me if I had any wish.

A wish; well I had everything I could have ever wanted, but then I was certain that I was lacking something essential. True that my successes kept me elated - my family's and friends happiness kept me satisfied - but then where was I in the middle of all this? Or rather, I was literally in the middle of all this - at the centre of the Carousel; my world all around me happy and laughing - the merry laughter of my daughter, my son standing on the horse and my wife full of love for me. My friends and family cheering me.

I don't know what came over me but I asked him for contentment and for true happiness.

Don't be the centre of your universe; be a part of it. Jump onto the crazy white horse on the Carousel - live your life enjoying it. Don't waste your time trying to find happiness, because if you try looking for it you won't find it - just be happy; soak it in like the rays of the sun on a warm day. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

I told you, I met God and to me he was just like another man on the street - the difference being that he showed me a way towards attainment.

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