Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life as a Panoramic Journey

Life is not an express way that yields into the horizon.

It is a small dirt road winding up hills, accentuated with a lot of crossroads and potholes. Then it is an express way with Toll ways. It could take the form of a ocean you need to cross or a mountain you need to climb. It is a path of jagged rocks which you need to cross bare foot.

Do you need a goal in life to go towards; off course you do. But then these goals are dynamic and change every moment - from one crossroad to another, from one road to the other; from one companion to the other. The river you want to cross may be teeming with crocodiles - from the pinnacle of the mountain your  gaze may rest at a heavenly pass which you may want to pass through instead of the road you were contemplating to take. At times the crossroads are marked or have someone to guide you on your journey forward - but most of the times you need to make your own decision based on the knowledge you have - based on what your heart or mind tells you. Well the battle of the heart or the mind is totally another story.

On your journey you come across villages, towns, big metropolises, abandoned places. overgrown jungles, deserts, oceans, rivers and so much more.  Passing through you get beaten, you bleed, at times you lose hope and then wherever possible you stop to pick up refreshments and you pick up interesting trinkets and memorabilia. You make and lose companions on the way as each one carries on his own path. Life is but a trade - when you pick these things up - you leave a part of you behind too. In the journey of life the hurt you have suffered, the blood you have lost, the refreshments you have taken the trinkets and memorabilia you have collected and the companions who have left your side and who are by your side are nothing but an emotional baggage.

Some of this baggage translates into tools for your spiritual growth supporting your endeavours and the rest of the baggage pulls you down. Unfortunately, there is only as much baggage a person can carry - good or bad. Nobody but you can make a choice of what to hang on to and what to let go off.  And let go you must, otherwise you shall be too fatigued to carry on towards your goal.

The goal, unfortunately is not the destination, the goal is to keep moving on. Well if the goal is to move on, then the question that comes to your mind is to move on where. The answer is simple - move on towards your destination. Now now, what is the destination? The destination is Moksh -  contentment and peace.

This place exists, it certainly does and you will find it. It is just a function of your belief and dedication. You have to keep moving on till you find it. If you stop moving - you and your soul get detached. Once you reach such a place in your life, you become one with your soul - a wanderer and this place moves with you for eternity.

The soul is in eternal motion, it is but a timeless wanderer, transcending bodies, species, universes, religions and faith. There is no way that you can keep it in one place - then how can you attain Nirvana by being in just one place - not moving - this is against the basic nature of the Soul.

Moksh is in the joy of the journey, of seeing the silver lining and not the cloud - Nirvana is in your everyday smile, contentment and peace is in making the best of your baggage. It is about seeing the symphony of the chaotic world and understanding the perfect design in the randomness.

Lets take life as it comes, crossroad by crossroad and turn it into a beautiful Panoramic Journey. It is entirely up to us. 

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